söndag 1 november 2015



I´ve been notified that CCT:Chant Tool, appears on various pirate sites, which makes me a bit sad. I mean, come on? £17 for a hobbyist product! It´s not that much, is it? I mean, it doesn´t even come close to the giants in the sample idustry. So Why? Why can't you pirates let this be?

Dear reader, if you, by any chance, have a pirated version of CCT: Chant Tool, I beg you to consider to actually buy the library from Sampleism. By doing that, you support both Sampleism and a starving composer like me. By supporting me, it also make me want to create some new cool stuff for you in the future. So... like I said: If you own a pirated copy of CCT 1:Chant Tool, please... give it a second thought and buy the thing instead. Please... it´s just £ 17.

Even though... I´m ready to continue working on CCT 2... so I say: 

It´s been.... a while! Yet, there´s gonna be a while longer. Now, I´ve finally got time to continue my next sample project. This time, I´ll put my aim at the sound designing composers out there, and my inspiration for the new library? Look at the picture, and have a guess... ;-)

As always: Don´t expect any fancy scripting or frills... it´s only Odd samples! And when it´s released: Please do not share it on Pirate sites! I´m sad to say, but if so, this might be the last library I create. After all, it´s a lot of hard work to create these sounds, even if it´s not tons of scripting in the library...

See ya in a near future, and happy composing!

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