onsdag 15 januari 2014

CCT:Chant Tool - Just a quick little reflection

(English is not my first language so bare with me)

Since CCT:Chant Tool was released, I´ve noticed some comments here and there on the internet regarding my very first sample library. The majority of them have been very positive, and it really makes me glad to see that CCT has made some sort of impression.

If you are one of those who owns a copy of CCT-Vol.1: Chant Tool, don't hesitate to tell me what you think or show me what you've created using the library. It would be awesome! You find my e-mail adress in the pdf provided with the KONTAKT instrument. Or, you can use the contact field on this blog, or just head over to my YouTube channel and leave a comment, and I´ll reply to you as soon as I can:


Since the response so far, has been positive, I´m really considering an expansion, or a "Chant Tool 2".  But, it depends on if I can gather the people involved, once more. Hopefully it won't be much of a problem though.

Since my latest idea for another library, has run into some sort of limbo, I guess a follow up of CCT:Chant Tool would be something to replace it with.

If you don't own the Chant Tool, just head over to sampleism and get your copy today:


You need the the full version of Native Instruments KONTAKT 5, to run the library.

Until next time!

//Mattias (Odd Samples)

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