söndag 17 november 2013

CCT-Update #3

Hi fellow Composers...

Here´s some news concerning the CCT-library:

At the moment I´m in the mastering mode for most of the audio files, but it also includes lots of sample cutting and some editing here and there, and it´s pretty boring and takes lots of time. But I'll do my best to finish the library as soon as possible.

For a while I thought I would only include the edited versions of the samples, but, since I thought it might be useful to someone to also have access to the more natural versions, I decided to include them as well. Therefore it´ll take a bit longer, since there´s even more samples to cut.

When I´ve finished all of the sample editing and all the cutting, it's time to put things together and test it. When that's done, I guess I have to write a little manual, just for the sake of it. ;-)

All the best
//Mattias (ODD SAMPLES)

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